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About the Portal

Portal dos Arquitetos' mission is to provide online services.

Active since 2015, this platform responds to the legal requirements of Balcão Único arising from Law 2/2013 of January 10. As part of the plan to modernize OA's services, the new Portal dos Arquitectos is now available to the public and architects with a renewed image and added functionality.

In the public area of the Portal, you can consult the information necessary for registration with the Order of Architects (OA), as well as the various frameworks for accessing the profession of architect in national territory.

In the Directory of Architects you will be able to easily consult the information of all the Architects registered with the OA. Public information on companies registered with the OA is available in the Companies Directory.

It is also on the Portal dos Arquitectos that one can confirm the validation of documents issued by OA as well as confirm the validation of the professional certificate.

After registration, Architects, Trainee Architects, Free Service Providers, Professionals from other States can take advantage of different services that OA, through the Portal, makes available to its members.

In your PROFILE you can consult and update your Personal and Registration Data on the Portal.

In the SECRETARY area, you can request the issuance of Declarations, as well as Certifications for the exercise of acts specific to the profession, both in Portugal and abroad. You can also fill in the specific requirements to change your registration status with the OA.

In the TREASURY area, you will be able to consult your current account with regard to the subscription situation, as well as obtain available payment data.

In the TRAINING area, you can consult the Training Plan running at OA, register online for available courses and make the corresponding payment. You will also be able to consult the Trainings you attended in the last year and obtain certificates of participation in them.

In the DOCUMENTS area, you will be able to consult and download all documents, be they statements and certificates generated in the secretariat area, Certificates of courses attended, receipts of fees and others, in addition to the notifications sent.

On the new Portal dos Arquitectos is available the request for subscription of the new HEALTH INSURANCE as well as for the issuance and renewal of the PROFESSIONAL CARD.

For future Architects, the Portal dos Arquitetos provides online REGISTRATION for Professional Internships within the scope of registration at OA, as well as for Architects from Other Member States of the European Union, or from other countries.

During the period of the Professional Internship, the Intern Architects will be able, like the effective members of OA, to consult the PROFILE, SECRETARY and TRAINING area, with functions similar to those described above.

Based on the modernization plan for OA's services approved by the National Board of Directors, the new Portal already has new functionalities under development within the scope of monitoring the profession, within the scope of the registration and registration of Companies, as well as within the scope of the Scholarship of Experts.

We will [continue] to build [our] future.