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Within the scope of Training in the Area of Architecture, the Order of Architects' mission is to promote better conditions for practicing the profession of architect, developing more skills and integration into professional life.

The Order of Architects is a certified training entity, in terms of the quality of its six services. In this sense, the procedures and practices within the scope of this valence respect a specific quality reference for training, presented to all its effective members and other recipients through the Catalog of Certified Training, in the areas:

581 - Architecture and Urbanism;

582 - Civil Construction and Civil Engineering;

862 - Health and Safety at Work;

090 - Personal Development;

380 - Right.

This initiative, of national scope and integral as a training entity certified by DGERT, aims to implement training actions in the form of distance organization "e-Learning" for members of the Order of Architects and general population, sustained by the principle of continuous training of these professionals.

E-Learning courses will optimize training, making it more accessible, more digital and more economical, with the advantages of learning anywhere and anytime. The courses developed will excel in total customization and adaptability to any LMS (Learning Management System) platform.